Mar 272014

recipe from FamilyFun Magazine

pound cake, cut into 1-inch-thick slices
white frosting
fruit leather, grape
flaked coconut
assortment of candies and jellies for sweet toppings and sushi sides (like swedish fish, orange nonpareils (fish eggs), apricot preserves (caviar), and pieces of Twizzlers Rainbow Twists (shrimp tails), grape gummyworm (for eels) gumdrops (for just about everything else) green and orange Starbusts candies for sides)

Sushi base:
For rolls, use a knife to cut 1-1/2-inch circles from a slice of cake. Frost the tops of the circles, then wrap a 6-inch strip of fruit leather “seaweed” around each one, use a dab of frosting to secure it.
Press coconut “rice” into the frosting.
For individual sushi, cut a cake slice into rectangles, then round the edges to create an oval shape. Frost the top and sides of each oval, then roll it in coconut. Top that with a Swedish fish then wrap around a piece of fruit leather.
Top with rolls candies.
Make wasabi: microwave unwrapped green Starburst candy for 10 seconds, then work it into a mound.
Make pickled ginger: microwave unwrapped orange Starburst candy for 10 seconds, then bunch it up into a pile.

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