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Illustration of Geraint with his wife Enid by Gustave Doré, 1868

Geraint’s Day is January 10th while Geraint’s Feast Day is August 10th.

Geraint, son of Erbin (Geraint ab Erbin), is a well-known figure in Welsh literature. He was the Prince of Devon, a member of the King Arthurs Round Table, and a king of Dumnonia. He is best-known from the Welsh tale Geraint and Enid, one of the three Welsh Romances associated with the Mabinogion (a collection of eleven prose stories collated from medieval Welsh manuscripts).

According to legend, a recently knighted solider fought three giants on the hill of Brentenol. Though he won, he fell unconscious due to the injuries he sustained during the battle. The king called upon monks to pray for his revival. The man recovered and a very generous grant of lands were made to the monastery. It is believe this event took place soon after ‘the feast of the nativity’, after Christmas or during midwinter. The events of Geraint are associated with seasonal festivities.

“Before Geraint, the terror of the foe,
I saw steeds fatigued with the toil of battle,
And after the shout was given, bow dreadful was the onset.
At Llongborth I saw the tumult,
And the slain drenched in gore,
And red-stained warriors from the assault of the foe.
Before Geraint, the scourge of the enemy,
I saw steeds white with foam,
And after the shout of battle, a fearful torrent.
At Llongborth I saw the raging of slaughter,
And an excessive carnage,
And warriors blood-stained from the assault of Geraint.
At Llongborth was Geraint slain,
A valiant warrior from the woodlands of Devon,
Slaughtering his foes as he fell.”

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