Feb 162012

saintJanuary 16th is St. Priscilla’s Feast Day.

She was the wife of Manius Acilius Glabrio and mother of the Roman Senator St. Pudens. Emperor Domitian put her husband to death, probably because she was a Christian. It is believed she allowed St. Peter to use her home on the Via Salaria as the headquarters for his missionary endeavors in the Eternal City. The catacombs which stretch beneath her home were named after her.

January 16th in the 1st century is believed to be the day she was executed. It is also believe she is the same as the Roman martyr buried in the Catacomb of Priscilla. She is a Martyr of Rome.

In 98 A.D., St. Priscilla was put in the amphitheater for execution. A lion was set loose to kill her. However the lion licked her feet instead. She was returned to prison and killed. An eagle watched over her body until it was buried in her catacomb.


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