Feb 172012

February 4th is Feast of St. John de Brito.

Also known as the Apostle of Madura.

John de Brito was born in March of 1647 to Portuguese nobility, the son of the governor of Brazil. He was a Jesuit at age 15 and studied at the University of Coimbra.

He volunteered to serve at the missions in India in 1673. He was sent to Madurai. Though he was often mistreated and even tortured by the locals, he converted 10,000 people. His success made the Brahmins, the highest Indian caste, angry and they decided to get rid of him. John and his catechists were imprisoned, tortured, and ordered to leave the country. When he refused, the rajah ordered John executed. He was dismembered and beheaded on February 11, 1693 in Oreiour, India.

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