Feb 172012

February 3rd is St. Anskar’s Day.

Saint Anskar, also known as Ansgar, Anschar, Anscharius, and Scharies is the Patron Saint of Denmark, Iceland, and Norway.

Ansgar was born near Amiens, Picardy, France, in 801 into a noble family. He was a Benedictine monk at the Old Corbie Abbey in Picardy and New Corbie in Westphalia. He accompanied King Harold to Denmark when the exiled king returned home. He founded the first Christian church in Sweden c.832, and became Abbot of New Corbie c.834, Archbishop of Hamburg, ordained by Pope Gregory IV.

He established the first Christian school in Denmark, but was run out by pagans, and the school was burned to the ground. Ansgar campaigned against slavery.

He died in Bremen, Germany on February 3, 865. After his death, most of his gains for the Church were lost to resurgent paganism.


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