Feb 172012

February 6th is St. Dorothy’s Day.

Dorothy of Caesarea’s historical existence is sparse, and as such she is no longer included in the General Roman Calendar.

The lore is that she lived in Caesarea, Cappadocia. When she refused to sacrifice to the gods during the persecution of the Christians, she was tortured and executed. As she was being taken to her execution, she encounter a young lawyer named Theophilus, who mocked her asking her to send him fruits from “the garden” she had said she would soon be in.

Before her execution, she knelt and prayed. An angel went to Theophilus with a basket containing three roses and three apples, and a message from Dorothy telling him she would meet him in the garden. Theophilus converted to Christianity (and later was martyred).

She is the patron of brides, gardeners, florists, newlyweds; against lightning, fire, and thieves.


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