Feb 222012

The lavender blooms of the jacaranda trees paint the landscape for the Peruvian Spring Festival. Peru, located in the Southern Hemisphere, celebrates the arrival of spring in September. The festivities begin in Trujillo, which is located in the northern part of the country.

The festival in Trujillo is celebrated with presentations of the traditional dance La Marinera and showing the Peruvian Horses of Step.

La Marinera combines the styles of Peru (Inca), Spain, and Africa, all of which make up the diversity of Peru. The dancers dress in white and black with accents of brilliant red.  The dance is graceful and romantic with twirls and flirtatious moves.  Dancers wave handkerchiefs enticing their partners.

The Peruvian Horses of Step are Peruvian Pasos.  They are a naturally gaited horse with a graceful, flowing movement.  They are reputed as being the smoothest riding horse.

The city of Trujillo is constructed of adobe. Notes of interests include Senor de los Milagrous painting of Christ on one of the adobe walls.  In 1655, a devastating earthquake shook Trujillo.  Lives were lost and all the structures fell, except this one wall. To commemorate the survival of this wall, women wear purple robes tied with white cords and men wear purple armbands during the festival.



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