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This was one of Abe Lincoln’s Favorite Foods. This recipe is from The First Ladies Cook Book which is now out of print.

2-3 fryers, cup up
flour, for dredging
1/2 pint cream
lard or butter, for frying chicken and parsley
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon mace
a little butter rolled in flour
parsley springs

Cut up your chickens into pieces of the desired size.
Wipe the pieces dry, season them with pepper and salt, and dredge lightly with flour.
Fry them in lard or butter until they are brown on all sides.
When they are quite done, take them out of the frying pan, and keep them hot in a covered pan.
Skim the gravy in the frying pan, and pour the cream into it.
Season with a little nutmeg, mace, salt, and pepper, and thicken it with a small bit of butter rolled in flour.
Stir carefully to be sure that the mixture is smooth.
Give it a boil, and then pour it over the pieces of chicken.
Put some lard or butter into the pan.
Fry the parsley springs and garnish the chicken; the fried parsley must stay green and crisp.

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