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Emerald pendant from Amazon.

The word is emerald is derived from the Greek word esmeraude meaning green stone. Emerald is a medium to dark green beryl. Emeralds have many inclusions or flaws, they are typically oiled to fill cracks. Clean your emerald with a soft, dry cloth; avoid sudden temperature changes, household chemicals and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

Emerald is the mystical birthstone for January and the traditional birthstone for May.

Luster: vitreous | Hardness: 7.5-8 | Density: 2.7

Legends & Lore:

  • It is believed to be soothing and cure eye problems.
  • Emeralds are also believed to strengthen memory and quicken intelligence.
  • Ancient Egyptians believed emeralds enhanced fertility and rebirth.
  • Cleopatra prized her emeralds more than any other gem.
  • Early Christians used the emerald as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection; it was used it to decorate Holy Grail.
  • It is the gemstone for North Carolina.

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