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Jade actually refers to three minerals: Jadeite, Nephrite, and Chloromenlanite. It is semi-opaque or opaque. It comes in off-white to grayish-white, brown, yellowish-brown, orange-yellow, reddish-orange, lilac, blue-gray, and various shades of blue and green.

Jade is the mystical birthstone for March.

Hardness: 6.5-7

Legends & Lore:

  • Jade is believed to aid in relaxation, to bring good luck, health, and fortune.
  • It was believed that lying jade on the the lower back or sides would cure kidney disorders.
  • Mayans mined jadeite in Guatemala and making it into weapons and tools.
  • The Maoris in New Zealand used nephrite weapons.
  • In China, it is believed the secret virtue of jade is absorbed into the body when handled.
  • Jade is the gemstone for Alaska and Wyoming.
  • It is also the gemstone for British Columbia, Canada.

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