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Pink is the color for April.

Pink is the color for April.

The flower for April is the sweet pea. Its botanical name is Lathyrus odoratus, Lathyrus meaning pulse and odoratus meaning scented. The sweet pea originated in 17th Italy and comes in purples, pinks, creams and peaches. There are around 150 species of Sweet Pea. Pink is the color for April. Sweet peas in the language of flowers means “delicate pleasures”, “departure”, and “I am thinking of you.”

Placing sweet peas in the home are believed to improve general well-being, boost male and female libido, and lessen the effects of a hangover.

Superstition has it that seeds sown before sunrise on Saint Patrick’s Day will have larger and more fragrant blossoms.

In the study of heredity, Father Gregor Mendel first performed his work in genetics using sweet peas.

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