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lilyofthevalleyThe Convallaria majalis, commonly known as the lily-of-the-valley, is native to the temperate zones of Eurasia. Majalis means that which belongs to May which is when these flower burst forth. The flowers resemble small white bells, although occasionally they may be another color. In the autumn, the flowers turned into scarlet berries. The sweet scent is makes them popular in bridal arrangement and perfumes. The color associated with May is white and means sweetness, purity and the return of happiness.

In France the flower (known as muguet) is handed out on May 1st.

An old wife’s tale says the fragrance lures the nightingale helping him find a mate.

One Sussex legend tells of St. Leonard who fought against a terrible dragon. After a lengthy battle he finally defeated the dragon, unfortunately he had taken on many wounds and where his blood fell lilies-of-the-Valley grew. The woods where the battle took place is known as St. Leonard’s Forest and to this day lilies-of-the-Valley grow in large numbers.

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