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Red is the color for June.

Red is the color for June.

The rose is one of the most popular flowers and by far the most well known. There are even fossil records that show roses existed in prehistoric times. Roses were first cultivated in Asian a little over 5,000 years ago.

Red is the color associated with June and means love, respect and I love you.

Legends are numerous…

The rose blushed with shame when God expelled Adam and Eve from Eden.
Cleopatra scattered rose petals before Mark Anthony’s feet.
Nero let roses fall from the ceiling during feasts.
In Roman mythology, a beautiful woman named Rhodanthe was constantly pursued by suitors. Though she continued to turn them away they continued even breaking into her home. The goddess, Diana was so angered by this she turned Rhodanthe into a beautiful rose and her suitors into thorns-that never would reach the precious petals.
In the middle ages a rose was suspended from the ceiling of a council chamber, pledging all present to secrecy, or sub rosa, “under the rose”. The term is still used today.
According to English superstition, if the petals fall from a fresh-cut red rose, bad luck will follow.

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  1. I love roses. I may not be a June baby but I still loved the info.

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