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Pink and blue larkspur.

Pink and blue larkspur.

Larkspur is the common name for flowering plants in the buttercup family. Colors range from a pale pink to deep purple. There is a white variety as well. Larkspur can attain heights up to 7 feet. In the past, the name larkspur has been used interchangeably with the name delphinium, however they are now considered to be separate genus’s; the larkspur is annual while the delphinium is perennial. The name delphinium comes from a Greek word because the partially opened buds resemble the bottle-nose of dolphins. The name larkspur comes the belief that the flowers looks like a lark’s foot: larkspur, lark’s heel and lark’s claw have all been used.

The color for July is pink and means open heart, pink in particular means fickleness and talkativeness.

The larkspur was introduced to Britain in the late 16th century where they were believed cure poisonous stings.

Legend tells of two boys looking to strike in rich during the famous Gold Rush of 1849. The adventure spread from their Midwestern home to the California coast. Throughout their journey the boys encountered an onslaught of poisonous snakes and nasty insects. To defend themselves the boys used tall larkspurs to ward off the attackers.

image: Sarah Smith [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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