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Turquoise Drop Dangle Earrings from Amazon

Turquoise is a blue, green or a bluish green hydrous aluminum phosphate that is colored by copper. The name means “Turkish stone” so named as the trade route that brought it to Europe originally came through Turkey.

traditional stone for December.

Luster: waxy | Hardness: 5-6 | Density: 2.6

Legends & Lore:

  • Turquoise has been used for a long time, since before 4000 BC.
  • Turquoise is believed to give the wearer clarity, calm and the ability to start something new.
  • It also brings spoils to the warrior, animals to the hunter, and happiness and good fortune to all.
  • In American Indian folklore the turquoise was thought to bring happiness and good fortune and if attached to a bow, their arrows would hit their target every time.
  • It was also thought that if the turquoise changed colors it would warn of danger or illness.
  • In the 13th century, Turquoise was believed to protect the wearer from falling.
  • Turquoise is the U.S. State Gemstone of Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

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