Jun 122013

Narcissus_whiteAlso know as the daffodil and the jonquil the narcissus comes in many colors. Meanings include conceit and egotism. It is the symbol of winter and the Chinese symbol of good fortune.

The color associated with December is white; its meaning is “stay as sweet as you are”.

The name is derived from the Greek narke which means sleep and/or numbness. In Greek mythology, Narkissos was a beautiful youth who rejected all of his suitors. One day he came upon a spring at Mount Helicon where he glanced down and saw his reflection. He fell in love with himself and stared at himself endlessly. He did not eat or drink or leave the spring he just admired his mirror image and at the spring he withered away and died. He was then transformed into a beautiful flower by the waters edge, the narcissus that bows its head to see its reflection.

image: Wikimedia.org

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