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Purple is the color for September.

Purple is the color for September.

Asters are ancient wildflowers in the daisy family. Aster means star in Latin. The early English name for the aster was starwort. It was later changed to Michaelmas Daisy as it blooms around St. Michaelmas Day (September). The color for September is purple and stands for valor, love, afterthought and daintiness. In China is signifies fidelity.


  • When Virgo scattered stardust on the earth the field where it fell bloomed with asters.
  • Goddess Asterea began to cry when she looked down upon the earth and saw no stars; when her tears fell to earth they bloomed into asters.
  • A Cherokee legend describes a terrible war between two tribes. As the war raged all the villagers in one tribe were killed—all but two young sisters who ran to hid in the woods. Both girls wore doe skin dresses, one fringed and dyed lavender-blue, the other a bright yellow. The sisters sought out the ‘Herb Woman’ who lived nearby. As the sisters slept under the stars, the ‘Herb Woman’ looked to their future and saw the enemy tracking them down. To save them she sprinkled them with a magic potion and covered them with leaves. In the morning there were two flowers where the sisters had slept, one a lavender-blue aster the other a yellow goldenrod.


  • Asters were known as starwort in England and Germany, where they were thought to carry magical powers.
  • Aster leaves were burned to keep away evil spirits and serpents in Ancient Greece.


  • Asters were laid on the graves of French soldiers symbolizing the wish things had been differently.
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