Jan 052014

fruit bowlThe first week of January is designated as Diet Resolution Week.

The first definition of a diet is simply the kinds of food that a person habitually eats. This week is about focusing and altering the types of food you consume rather than reducing the amount.

Things to do if your current diet is poor:

  • eat at least one piece of produce every day (fruit or vegetable)
  • eat fish at least once a month (once a week would be better)
  • drink at least two glasses of water a day
  • don’t drink caffeinated beverages after 5PM (this will promote better sleep too)
  • drink no more that one glass of wine a day
  • don’t eat fast, slow down
  • lower sodium in your diet by reducing your intake of processed and canned foods

What tips do you have?

image courtesy of xymonau

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