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AHHH! Is this you?

AHHH! Is this you?

The 2nd Monday in January is National Clean-Off-Your-Desk Day!

Time to get cracking on cleaning up and clearing out the clutter in our lives for the New Year. Many people think that a cluttered desk equals a clutter mind. That may not be necessarily true, it sure can be hard to find the electric bill with a messy desk.

Start with organizing. Sift through everything and place them into piles (or the trash): to do/pay, to file, to scan, to transcribe, etc. Keep going until your desk is empty (inside as well as on top). Then wash and polish that desk to make it all shiny and new.

Put back the needs: computer, pen holder, etc. Take a moment to add staples to the stapler, toss pens that are out of ink, and so on.

Reduce the amount of non-administrative fluff. Have no more than a couple of pictures and knick-knacks.

Finally tackle those piles.

image courtesy of Sugar and Wikimedia.org.

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