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varieties of daisies

varieties of daisies

January 28th is Daisy Day.

The daisy, formally known as the Asteraceae or Compositae has more than 23,000 varieties. The name daisy is derived from its Old English meaning dægesege or dæges eage meaning “day’s eye” because the petals of the common daisy opens at dawn and closes at dusk.

Daisies symbolize purity, innocence, virtue, patience, and simplicity. Conversely, in Norse mythology it means love, sensuality, and fertility.

Daisy Trivia:

  • The daisy is a composite flower — it is two flowers in one. The petal-like ray florets and the disk florets made up of many tiny flowers clustered together.
  • In some regions, it is also known as a “thunderflower” since it blooms in the summer when thundershowers are common.
  • In England, a common name for it is bruisewort as the crushed leaves were used to soothing bruised skin.
  • Daisies ares thought to keep away lightening.
  • Daisies are commonly used to make a garland of flowers.
  • The most popular daisy varieties are Shasta and African.

Daisy Phrases:

  • oopsies daisies or whoops-a-daisy
  • fresh as a daisy
  • pushing up daisies

image courtesy of Alvesgaspar, Tony Wills, Wikipedia.org

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