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peoplewordWorld Thinking Day is celebrated on February 22 by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. It is also celebrated by Scout and Guide organizations around the world.

In 1926, at the Fourth Girl Guide/Girl Scout International Conference in New York, the conference delegates discussed the need for a special international day, when Girl Guides and Girl Scouts would think about the worldwide spread of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, and of all the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world, giving them, their “sisters,” thanks and appreciation.

It was decided that the day would be February 22, birthday of both Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement, and Lady Olave Baden-Powell, his wife and the First World Chief Guide. (Other Scouts organizations celebrate i B.-P. Day or Founders’ Day.)

In 1999, at the 30th World Conference, held in Ireland, the name was changed from “Thinking Day” to “World Thinking Day”, in order to emphasize the global aspect of this special day.

Each year The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts chooses a theme for each World Thinking Day and proposes activities. Some themes include:

  • 2010: UN Millennium Development Goal 1: “Together we can end extreme poverty and hunger”
  • 2011: UN Millennium Development Goal 3: “Empowering girls will change our world”
  • 2012: “Environment”: UN Millennium Development Goal 7: “We can save our planet”
  • 2013: UN Millennium Development Goal 4: “Reduce child mortality” and UN Millennium Development Goal 5:”Improve maternal health”
  • 2014:UN Millennium Development Goal 2: “Providing universal access to primary education”
  • 2015:UN Millennium Development Goal 8: “Developing partnerships for global development”


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