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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMarch 29, 30, and 31 are Borrowed Days in the Scottish Highlands.

The last days of March tend to have bad weather giving rise to the notion that they are “borrowed” from April.

An old Scottish rhyme explains that the last three days were borrowed from April. In return March would destroy a group of young sheep. March did not fulfill its end of the deal.

March said to Aperill,
I see three hoggs” upon a hill,
And if you’ll lend me dayes three,
I’ll find a way to make them dee.
The first o’ them was wind and weet,
The second o’ them was snaw and sleet,
The third o’ them was sic a freeze,
It froze the birds’ nebs to the trees:
When the three days were past and gave,
The three silly hoggs came hirpling’ hame.

Other references to the Borrowed Days go back to an ancient calendar of the Church of Rome and a 1548 book known as the Complaynt of Scotland. They suggest the end of March feels and acts more like April.


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