July Holidays


Dates for 2018
tealdot indicates dates that vary from year to year

Fun Facts
  • Traditional birthstone: ruby
  • Mystical birthstone: ruby
  • Ayurvedic birthstone: ruby
  • Flower: pink larkspur
  • Chinese Floral Emblem: lotus
  • Sun Signs: Cancer / Leo
Late June/Early July

In July, uncertain date

Late July/Early August

  • Teejtealdot
Weekly Observances
~Week 1~
  • Frontier Days, Arizona
~Week 2~
  • Special Recognition Week
~Week 3~
  • Lyme Disease Awareness Week
  • Space Week
  • Swan Upping, UK
~Week 4~
  • Cheyenne Frontier Day, Wyoming
Monthly Observances
  • Hay Month
  • National Baked Bean Month
  • National Blueberries Month
  • National Grilling Month
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • National Pickle Month
  • National Recreation and Parks Month
  • National Tennis Month
  • Tahiti Awareness Month
Daily Observances
1 Canada Day
Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
La Fiesta de Burro
Mt. Fuji Day, Japan
National Gingersnap Day
Plunkett, Ireland
St. Cosmas and Damian’s Day
2 Besse-en-Chandesse, France
Corso del Palio, Siena, Italy
Madonna di Provenzano Festival, Italy
National Anisette Day
World UFO Day
3 Garibaldi Day, Italy
National Chocolate Wafer Day
National Eat Beans Day
St. Anatolius’ Day
St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Day
St. Thomas the Apostle’s Day
Sun Dance, Assinibone Tribe, Montana
4 National Barbecued Spareribs Day
National Caesar Salad Day
National Country Music Day
National Huckleberry Festival
St. Elizabeth of Portugal’s Day
St. Ulrich’s Day
US Independence Day
5 Fiesta do Tapuleiros begins, Portugal
National Apple Turnover Day
Peace & Unity Day, Rwanda
St. Anthony Zaccaria’s Day
St. Rosalia’s Day
Tynwald Day, Isle of Man
Workaholics Day
6 National Fried Chicken Day
National Pickle Festival
Rememberance Day, Luxembourg
St. Maria Goretti’s Day
7 Chocolate Day
Double Seven Day, China
Macaroni Day
National Strawberry Sundae Day
Saba Saba Day, Tanzania
Tanabata, Japan
8 Feast St. Sunniva, Norse
Festa dos Tabuleiros, Portugal (every 4 years)
Heritage Day
Lindenfest, Rhineland, Germany
National Cherry Festival
National Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day
Old Crafts Day
St. Aquila and Prisca’s Day
St. Kilian’s Day
9 Fashion Day
Lobster Carnival, Nova Scotia, Canada
National Sugar Cookie Day
10 Bahamas Independence Day
Clerihew Day
Knut the Reaper’s Day, Scotland
National Pina Colada Day
Night of Sorrows
Windjammer Days
11 Bodmin Riding, Wales
Feast of Theano
National Blueberry Muffin Day
St. Benedict II’s Day
St. Pius I’s Day
World Population Day
12 National Pecan Pie Day
Orangeman’s Day, Northern Ireland
St. John Gualbert’s Day
13 Beans ‘n’ Franks Day
Festival of Lanterns, Japan
Festival of Our Lady of Fatima
Festival of the Three Cows
La Retraite, France
National French Fries Day
St. Mildred’s Day
14 Bastille Day, France
National Grand Marnier Day
National Macaroni Day
St. Deusdedit’s Day
St. Procopius’ Day
15 Black Ship Festival, Japan
Feast of Rowana
Feast of St. Vladimir of Kiev
National Tapioca Pudding Day
Respect Canada Day
St. Bonaventure’s Day
St. Swithins’s Day
16 La Paz Day, Bolivia
National Blueberry Festival
National Corn Fritters Day
St. Eustathius’ Day
17 Avocado Festival
Gion Matsuri, Japan
Munoz-Rivera Day, Puerto Rico
National Peach Ice Cream Day
Norway Independence Day
POW-MIA Recognition Day
Scillitan Martyrs’ Day
St. Alexius Day
St. Marcellina’s Day
Yellow Pig Day
18 Chrysanthemum Day
National Caviar Day
Railroad Day
St. Philastrius’ Day
19 National Daiquiri Day
Prince Lot Hula Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii
St. Marcrina’s Day
20 Binding of the Wreaths
Chess Day
National Ice Cream Soda Day
National Lollipop Day
St. Elijah’s Day
21 Feast of Damo
National Creme Brulee Day
National Junk Food Day
Schoelcher Day, French West Indies
St. Lawrence of Brindisi’s Day
St. Praxedes’ Day
Tisha B’Avtealdot
22 Hammock Day
Lotus Festival
National Penuche Fudge Day
Preparedness Day
St. Mary Magdalene’s Day
23 Feast of Sulis
Fiesta de Santiago, Guatemala
National Hot Dog Day
National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
Soma No Umadi, Japan
St. Apollinaris’ Feast
St. Bridget’s Day
24 Bolivar Day, Ecuador, Venezuel
Festival of St. Eloi, French Basque
National Tequila Day
Pioneer Day, Utah
St. Boris’ Daya
25 Act Like a Caveman Day
National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
St. Christopher’s Day
Threading the Needle Holiday, China
26 Bagelfest
Black-Eyed Peas Jamboree begins, Texas
Central Maine Egg Festival begins
Curacaco Day
National Coffee Milkshake Day
Slepnir, Celtic Horse Festival
Somers Day, Bermuda
St. Anne’s Day
St. Joachim’s Day
27 Caravan of Pilgrims begins, Cairo
Garlic Festival
National Scotch Day
Procession of the Witches, Beselare, Belgium
28 Accountant’s Day
Domhnach Chrom Dubh, Ireland
National Milk Chocolate Day
St. Innocent I’s Day
St. Victor I’s Day
Gilroy Garlic Festival beginstealdot
29 Cherry Fest, Germany
Dragon Day
National Lasagna Day
Oslok, Norway
St. Lupus’ Day
Thor’s Day, Norse
30 Marseillaise Day, France
National Cheesecake Day
St. Abdon’s Day
St. Silas’ Day, Greek
31 Friendship Day
Lammas Eve
Loki and Sigyn’s Day, Norse
National Raspberry Cake Day
St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Day
St. Germanus’ Day
St. Giovanni Colombini’s Day
National Days refer to the USA unless stated otherwise.
Jewish and Muslim holidays begin the previous day at sundown.


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