November Holidays


Dates for 2018
tealdot indicates dates that vary from year to year

Fun Facts
Weekly Observances
~Week 1~
  • American Art Week
  • National Fig Week
  • World Communication Week
 ~Week 2~
  • International Week of Science and Peace, UN
  • National Chemistry Week
  • National Split Pea Soup Week
  • Red Flannel Days, Michigan
~Week 3~
  • Book Week
  • National Culinary Week
  • National Family Week
~Week 4~
  • National Cookie Week
  • National Home Care Week
Monthly Observances
  • Aviation History Month
  • Good Nutrition Month
  • International Creative Child and Adult Month
  • National Alzheimer’s Disease Month
  • National Diabetes Month
  • National Epilepsy Month
  • National Fun with Fondue Month
  • National Hospice Month
  • National Pepper Month
  • National Pomegranate Month
  • National Raisin Bread Month
  • National Stamp Collecting Month
  • National Vegan Month
  • Peanut Butter Lover’s Month
Daily Observances
1 All Hallow’s Day
All Saint’s Day
Los Dias de los Muertos, Mexico
National French Fried Clam Day
National Vinegar Day
2 All Soul’s Day
Dia de Finados, Portugal
National Deviled Egg Day
Soulcaker’s Play, Cheshire, UK
3 Meiji Setsu, Japan
Sandwich Day
St. Hubert’s Day
St. Pirminius’ Day
St. Winifred’s Day
4 Mischief Night, UK, Australia, New Zealand
National Candy Day
St. Americus’ Day
St. Charles Borromeo’s Day
5 Guy Fawkes’ Day, UK
National Doughnut Day
St. Elizabeth’s Day
6 Gustavas Adolphus Day, Sweden
National Nachos Day
Saxophone Day
St. Illtyd’s Day
St. Leonard’s Day
7 Diwalitealdot
Feast of Stolen Fire
National Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day
St. Florentius’ Day
St. Willibrord’s Day
8 Crystal Night, Hebrew
Feast of the Four Crowned Martyrs
Gwynn ap Nudd, Celtic
National Cappuccino Day
National Harvey Wallbanger Day
X-Ray Day
9 Go To An Art Museum Today Day
Inventor’s Day, Austria, Germany, Switzerland
National Scrapple Day
St. Benen’s Day
Tree Festival Day, Tunisia
10 Forget-Me-Not Day
National Vanilla Cupcake Day
St. Andrew Avellino’s Day
St. Martin’s Eve (Portugal)
Tulip Lantern Festival, Switzerland
11 Armistice Day
Beggar’s Day, Netherlands
Education Day
Eleven Eleven Eleven Day, Netherlands
Feast of Dionysus
Lunantishees, Ireland
National Sundae Day
Poppy Day
Remembrance Day, Canada
St. Menas of Egypt’s Day
Veteran’s Day, US
12 Indian Summer Festival
National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day
St. Emillion’s Day
St. Josaphat’s Day
13 Chuang Tzu’s Day
Feast of St. Nicholas I
Festival of Jupiter
National Indian Pudding Day
St. Abbo’s Day
St. Stanislaus Kostka’s Day
14 Children’s Day, India
Inuit Asking Festival, Eskimo
Moccas, Celtic
National Pickle Day
St. Dubricus’ Day
15 America Recycles Day
Dynasty Day, Belgium
National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
Shichi-Go-San, Japan
St. Albertus Magnus’ Feast
St. Gertrude’s Day
16 Fast Food Day
Hecate Night, Wicca
St. Echerius’ Day
St. Gertrude the Great’s Day
St. Margaret of Scotland’s Day
17 Homemade Bread Day
Knight Festival
Morocco Independence Day
National Baklava Day
National Homemade Bread Day
18 Latvia Independence Day
National Vichyssoise Day
St. Odo of Cluny’s Day
St. Romanus’ Day
Volkstrauertag, German
19 Monaco National Day
Carbonated Beverage With Caffeine Day
International Men’s Day
National Flag Day, Brazil
St. Mechchild’s Day
St. Nerses’ Day
20 Mexico Revolution Day
National Peanut Butter Fudge Day
St. Edmund the Martyr’s Day
Zaire Independence Day
21 National Stuffing Day
St. Gelasius’ Day
World Hello Day
22 National Cranberry Relish Day
National Roast Turkey Day
National Stop the Violence Day
Thanksgiving Daytealdot
23 Eat a Cranberry Day
National Cashew Day
National Espresso Day
Niiname-Sai, Japan
Repudiation Day, Maryland
St. Clement’s Day
24 Festival of Silence
National Sardines Day
St. Mesrob’s Day
25 National Parfait Day
St. Catherine of Alexandria’s Day
St. Mercury’s Day
26 National Cake Day
St. John Berchmans’ Day
St. Siricius’ Day
27 National Bavarian Cream Pie Day
St. Barlam and Josaphat’s Day
St. Maximus’ Day
Zibelemarit, Switzerland
28 National French Toast Day
St. Catherine Laboure’s Day
St. Simeon Metaphrastes’ Day
29 National Chocolates Day
National Lemon Cream Pie Day
Parliament Night
Square Dance Day
St. Cuthbert Mayne’s Day
St. Saturnius’ Day
30 Bonifacio Day, Philippines
National Mousse Day
St. Andrew’s Day
St. Frumentius’ Day, Greek
National Days refer to the USA unless stated otherwise.
Jewish and Muslim holidays begin the previous day at sundown.


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