Dec 152014

Servants were required to work on Christmas in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations. They were responsible for making the holiday run smoothly for wealthy landowners. They were allowed to take leave on December 26th and visit their families. The employers gave each servant a box containing gifts and bonuses.

In addition, around the 800s’ churches opened their alms boxes (boxes where people place monetary donations) and distributed the contents to poor.

Today, few people have servants but the custom of giving gifts or money to those who provide service continues. It is also popular to visit grandparents and shop (the after Christmas discounts begin). Many people get the day off from work.

Boxing Day is also celebrated in places where the English have settled like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Our friends in Scotland tell us it is also celebrate there! Some places observe Boxing Day on December 26th and some celebrate it on the first weekday following Christmas, so, if Christmas falls on Friday or Saturday Boxing Day would be on the following Monday.

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 December 15, 2014  Posted by at 1:53 pm The Many Days of Christmas