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All materials (this means content, graphics, coding, script, etc.) on this site are © Copyright 1999 by Web Holiday, Inc. or used with permission. All rights reserved. Please note the date you see (i.e. 1999) refers to the date of conceptions and creation. The U.S. law (rewritten in 1978) protects the copyright for the creator’s life plus 50 years.

United States and international copyright laws and treaties protect the text, code, games, recipes, crafts, and the graphics on this site. This means do not copy it and post on your site or in any other medium without express written permission from Web Holidays, Inc. We did the research, we wrote it, we designed it, it’s ours.

Be aware that most of the information on the Internet is copyrighted whether there is a copyright notice on the page or not. Practice good ethics and morals and do the work yourself. Give credit to those who have created your graphics or supplied you with information. Always get permission first. Taking graphics and text without written consent is a form of stealing and is considered illegal under copyright law.

Disclaimer: Great care has been taken to ensure and maintain the integrity, accuracy and authenticity of information contained in this web site. However, if you see anything you feel is inaccurate or dated please let us know. We do not guaranteed the site to be error-free.

If you would like to post a recipe or a craft on your personnel web site, this is granted. We do require that you give credit and provide an active link back to our site. Do not post multiple items or reprint any other portion of our site with prior written consent.

If you are a reviewer and wish to reprint a portion of this site for an article, please contact us first.

We all need to work together to protect the integrity and creativity on the Internet.

You need yet more information? Here is a good resource. What is copyright?

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