Mar 062012

1 package instant white chocolate or vanilla pudding
frozen puff pastry, thawed
frozen whole strawberries, thawed
whipped cream
green fruit leather

Prepare pudding mix according to package directions.
Cut pasty into S-shapes.
Bake according to directions
Cut strawberries lengthwise, be sure to save four good looking strawberries for the heads.
Cut s-pastry in half.
Place one cooked pastry on a plate.
Spread with a little pudding.
Layer with bananas.
Top with second pastry.
Spread with whipped cream.
Layer strawberries, them, to form scales on the snakes back.
Cut a slit for a mouth opening in the saved whole strawberries and place at the front of the body.
Cut out a tongue from the fruit leather and insert into the mouth.
Press eyes (M&Ms) into the strawberry.
Repeat with remaining pastries.

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