Mar 062012

by Hillol Ray

Well, can you quietly tell me: what is a Watershed ?
My friend asked me with chuckle sitting on his bed !
Although my nifty face showed the large dimple –
The answer to his question was really so simple !
Instantly I replied with a large grin on my face,
The exact answer, nothing more or nothing less !
Watershed is important to discuss water quality,
With an open mind and a very broad mentality !
Quickly his curiosities went up too high,
And kept on asking more with deep sigh !
I had some simple thoughts to clear up his mind,
They were so genuine without a harness or bind !
Moving water does not stop to a township, county or state line –
No matter whoever is at fault, or, who is going to pay the fine !
Watershed protection approach must deal with the entire watershed,
Framework for focusing and integrating experience must be gained !
USDA Hydrologic Unit areas, Clean Lakes Program – to name a few,
Must be taken seriously, even those are covered with the frosty dew !
Remember, Watershed protection program needs a clearly stated approach,
Thus, EPA can be the best friend for this as well as the experienced coach !
Because this program evaluates all sources of potential pollution,
Via the recognized expert who can narrow down the real solution.
Still the protection of watersheds involves active cooperation –
Among all the agencies for exchange of open communication !
So, for any kind of questions on the Watershed thing –
Please give Watershed Section of EPA a friendly ring !!!

About Hillol Ray
Hillol Ray, Poet Laureate, Author, and Song Writer, is an Environmental Engineer/Manager of Drinking Water Supply Enforcement Program, with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Dallas, Texas. He has been writing poetry since the age of six, in his native language “Bengali”. His poems are regularly published in Bengali magazines from Asia, Europe, Canada, Sweden, and North America and are currently being translated into English, Swedish, Spanish, German and French languages.

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