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About Holidays

What’s the most popular holiday?

Throughout the year the Chinese New Year is the most visited holiday on our site. Christmas comes in a close second.


What is the oldest holiday?

This is a difficult question to answer. However, after hashing it around we feel certain it is some type of spring festival. Even before we began to harvest, the celebration of spring and the rebirth of fruit, vegetables, and animals (and the sun) surely inspired the populace to party. Specific holidays are not ascertainable because each culture has its own Spring Fest.


What’s with all the national holidays and special days?

There are hundreds of “national” holidays, and most of them seem to be related to food.

How can this be?

There are no federal trademarks on the word “national”. There is no law stating that a national day must be declared by an act of congress. Therefore, anyone can declare a national holiday or special observance day.

However, in the US is does take an act of congress or a presidential proclamation to declare an official National Day.

Most of the days have obvious backers. For example, National Cherry Month is probably the brainchild of the the Cherry Growers Association. Perfume manufactures more than likely created National Fragrance Week.

One thing is for sure, they are fun to celebrate.


When is the date for __?

The dates for the holidays are on the holiday page or in the calendar.  If you’re looking for the date of a holiday we don’t have listed, use your favorite search engine.


When is the date for ____ sometime in the future?

Most holidays list the dates for a few years to come, if it is not listed we don’t have it, use your favorite search engine.


Why didn’t you list such ‘n such holiday?

There are literally hundreds of holidays throughout the world. National holidays are no exception. They can originate anywhere in the USA. We have listed a large variety of popular, cultural , and religious holidays.

If you have information on a holiday and would like us to list it, contact us.


Send me information on such ‘n such holiday?

All the information we have for the holidays is posted.

If you need information on a holiday that we do not currently have, use your favorite search engine. When searching check your spelling, use different forms of the word (i.e. St, St., and Saint). Try misspelling your search, remember that the search engine searches for exact terms and it may be misspelled on the site you want.

There is always the library, make your local librarian your best friend.


Do you plan to add more holidays, what are they and when?

Yes, not sure, when we can.

We plan to research and add holidays as long as we are on the net. Each year we try to add at least one new celebration, as well as add to the ones we already have.



General Information

How do you cite a site in a bibliography?

According to the MLA the structure should be as follows: Last name, First name. “Article Title.” Website Title. Publisher of Website, Day Month Year article was published. Web. Day Month Year article was accessed.

Always double check with your instructor.

Example for this site.

“Chinese New Year.” Web-Holidays.com. Web Holidays, Inc, 13 January 2012. http://web-holidays.com/chinese/2012/03/13/chinese-new-year/. accessed 23 February 2014.

Note: The published date on this site my be found at the bottom of each article.


Can I reprint something I found?

You may post a recipe, song, joke, poem, or craft if the author is W.Holidays or no author is given on your personnel website or paper publication. If another author is given you must contact that person. We require that you give credit to the author if given and provide an active link back to our site. You may not post multiple items or reprint any other portion of our site with prior written consent.

You may not post articles, menus, printable items, downloads, or any other item in you website or in paper publication without prior written consent from the original author or Web holidays, Inc.

If you would like to request to reprint part of our site, please include what you wish to reprint and where you wish to reprint it. Use our contact form.

Read about our copyright.


Can I use your graphics?

There is no gentle way to say this, no. We have tried to create unique and pleasant graphics. Since many people like to go from holiday to similar holiday on the Net our goal is to have different images. Therefore, our graphics are not available. There are many resources on the web where wonderful free graphics may be obtained.


Can I add to the calendar?

Yes.  If you know of a holiday and would like to see it listed on our site, please leave a suggestion.


How accurate is your information?

We have used books (see our about page) and human resources to research the holidays. Great care has been taken to ensure and maintain the integrity, accuracy, and authenticity of information contained in this web site. However, if you see anything you feel is inaccurate or dated please let us know. Likewise, if you have information to add or ideas to enhance a holiday let us know. We’d love to include it. We do not guaranteed this site to be error-free.


How long has Web-Holidays been around?

The original pages appeared on Tripod in 1996. It was launched as its own domain in March of 1999. In February 2012, we began migrating our site to a dynamic format allowing visitors to comment, rate, register, and write articles.




Can we exchange links?

I’m sorry, we do not exchange links.


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