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Carrots of Many Colors photograph is from the Agricultural Research Service, the research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture.

The carrot is celebrated in several countries around the world. Most of the festivals include cook-offs, carrot displays, parades, and carnivals.

  • January 18th: The Holtville Annual Carrot Festival, Holtville, California, 2012 marked its 65th festival
  • January: The Purple Carrot Fayre, Castro Verde, Portugal
  • May: Echols Annual Carrot Festival, Echols County, Georgia, USA
  • 1st weekend in June: Beypazarı Havuç, Güveç, (Traditional Dish), Turkey
  • July: Carrot Carnival, Ohakune, New Zealand
  • 2nd Saturday in August: Annual Carrot Festival, Creances, France
  • August 18th: Carrot Fest: Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada
  • September: Annual Carrot Festival, Schenectady County, New York
  • 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday in September: Fête de la Carotte (Annual Carrot Festival), Croissy sur Seine, France – around since 1860
  • 1st Wednesday in November: Rüeblimart (Carrot Festival), Switzerland

Carrot Trivia:

  • The first carrots were white, purple and yellow.
  • They originated 3,000 years ago in Middle Asia.
  • Carrots belong to the parsley family.
  • During the 15th century, English gentlewomen wore carrot leaves to accessorize their hats.

Ways to celebrate the carrot:

  • Start a carrot top garden in your windowsill.
  • Make carrot foods (carrot cake, candied carrots, etc.).
  • Use carrot stems to paint.

How will you celebrate the carrot?

With goodies from Zazzle maybe?

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