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Irish_coffeesJanuary 25th is National Irish Coffee Day.

Irish coffee is a cocktail made with hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and brown sugar, then topped with a layer of cream. Though the originally recipe uses cream, whipped cream is a popular alternative.

Irish coffee came about in 1943 when chef Joe Sheridan of the old flying-boat base at Foynes, County Clare, Ireland wanted a way to warm up weary, cold airplane passengers.

Irish Coffee
1-1/2 oz. Irish whiskey
1 teaspoon brown sugar
6 oz hot strong coffee
heavy cream, slightly whipped to thicken

Place sugar in a warmed coffee mug, Add coffee and whiskey and stir to dissolve sugar. Gently pour the cream over the back of a spoon and into the mug so that the cream floats on top. Do not mix.


  • Scotch or Gaelic coffee: use Scotch whisky
  • Bonnie Prince Charlie coffee: use Drambuie
  • Kentucky coffee: use Bourbon whiskey
  • French coffee: use brandy or cognac
  • Calypso, Caribbean, or Jamaican coffee: use dark rum
  • Russian coffee: use vodka
  • Mexican coffee: use Kahlua
  • Hasselt coffee: use jenever
  • Baileys coffee: use Baileys Irish Cream
  • Spanish coffee: use sherry

image courtesy jules / stone soup, Wikipedia.org

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