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Morel mushrooms

The Morel Mushroom Festival is held every year in Boyne City, Michigan, on May 13th. You can find all kids of mushroom goodies, music, and fun, including a mushroom hunt. Everyone hunts for mushrooms and prizes are awarded.

Muscoda, Wisconsin has a Morel Mushroom Festival the 3rd weekend in May.

Morel mushrooms have and unusual honeycomb-like appearance. These edible mushrooms are prized by gourmet chefs.

“Morels contain small amounts of hydrazine toxins that are removed by thorough cooking; morel mushrooms should never be eaten raw. It has been reported that even cooked morels can sometimes cause mild intoxication symptoms when consumed with alcohol. When eating this mushroom for the first time it is wise to consume a small amount to minimize any allergic reaction. Morels for consumption must be clean and free of decay.” [1]

Make Mushroom Spore Prints
you need
fresh, whole Portobello mushrooms and/or white mushrooms
white paper
drinking glass
non-aerosol hair spray or spray fixative

Carefully remove the stems from the mushrooms.
Expose the gills. Do this by trimming back the lower edges of the caps.
Place mushrooms on a sheet of paper and cover each one with an inverted glass.
Let stand overnight.
Carefully lift one of the glasses and then the mushroom to reveal the spore pattern.
Spray with non-aerosol hair spray.
Do the same for the remaining mushrooms.

Sites to visit:

[1] Wikipedia.org

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