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pieJanuary 23 and December 1 are both National Pie Days.

A pie is defined as any baked food with a filling in a pastry-lined pan. It may have a top pastry crust, but it is not necessary. There are savory pies like cottage pie and chicken pot pie, and there are sweet pies like shoofly pie and key lime pie. Fillings vary greatly from meat to fruit to custard an beyond.

Pie Trivia:

How can you celebrate today?

  • Make a pie (Check out the National Pie Champions)
  • Eat a pie — okay not a whole one, just a slice
  • Play a pie naming game. Each person has to name a type of pie. If someone can’t name a pie. They’re out. Keep going until the pie-naming champion remains.
  • Join the American Pie Council.

What is your favorite pie?

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