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CashewsNovember 23rd is National Cashew Day.

Cashews make a wonderful snack. They also work well in recipes. One of the healthier nuts and one of the most popular, this nut is botanically a seed.

A false fruit or accessory fruit know as a cashew apple grows and ripens to a yellow or red. The “apple” is edible but fragile and not transported. Off the end of the apple, the seed grows surrounded by a toxic double shell. The cashew is roasted and shelled before it is sold to remove the toxin.

cashew apples

cashew apples

Nutritional Info:

  • rich source of protein
  • digestible fiber
  • good source of antioxidants
  • contains dietary trace: minerals copper, manganese, magnesium and phosphorous

image of cashews courtesy of Femto, wikipedia; image of cashew apple courtesy of Abhishek Jacob, wikipedia

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