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Lobster_ThermidorJanuary 24th is Lobster Thermidor Day.

Lobster Thermidor is a creamy entree made with lobster meat folded into a decadent sauce made with egg yolks, cream, mustard, and cognac. Classically it’s stuffed back into the lobster shell, then sprinkled with Gruyère and toasted under a broiler.

This classic French dish was first served at Chez Marie’s, a Parisian restaurant, on January 24, 1894.

That same evening Victorien Sardou’s play “Thermidor” had its first performance at the Comedie-Francais theatre. Marie named her dish after the play. The play was called “Thermidor” after one of the months of the French republican calendar. [1]

What not have some today?

1: Whatscookingamerica.net
photo courtesy of thefoodplace.co.uk, wikipedia.org (photo and recipe separate)

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