Feb 202014

Cherry_PieFebruary 20th is National Cherry Pie Day.

Crisp crust with a tart cherry filling is the pie of the day. It may be eaten warm or cold, with whipped cream or ice cream. The most common varieties of cherries baked into a pie are morello and black cherry.

According to the American Pie Council, Queen Elizabeth I is credited for the invention of the cherry pie.

Some suggest that this day coincides with George Washington’s birthday, but his birthday is on the 22nd. Fresh cherries are not available this time of year, so it probably doesn’t have anything to do with the growing season. Perhaps it’s a follow-up to Valentine’s Day?

Whatever the origin, the cherry pie is a wonderfully tart-sweet treat that is a wonderful winter pick-me up.

Celebrate with goodies from Zazzle

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image courtesy of Aldude999, Wikimedia.org

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