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tortillachipsFebruary 24th is National Tortilla Chip Day.

Tortilla chips are made from corn tortillas, which are cut into wedges and fried. They are usually served with some type of dip such as salsa, pico de gallo, or guacamole. Before they were called tortilla chips and given the distinctly triangular shape, they were known as tostados.

Rebecca Webb Carranza is credited with popularizing tortilla chips in the late 1940s. Carranza and her husband owned the El Zarape Tortilla Factory in Los Angeles. They mass produced tortillas with an automated machine. The machine often made misshapen tortillas, and rather than throwing them away, Carranza decided cut them into triangles, fry them, and sell them for a dime a bag. It was a hit!

Chips may be made from yellow, white, blue, or red corn. A popular dish using tortilla chips is nachos–chips cover in melted cheese and various other topping such as meat, salsa, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, diced onions, olives, and sliced jalapeños.

image courtesy of Ewan Munro, Wikipedia.org

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