Aug 192014
Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings

August 19th is National Hot and Spicy Food Day.

Since there is no known origin for this holiday or the meaning behind it, this is how we see it. In January we celebrated International Hot and Spicy Food Day, so today we go national. That is, we should eat traditional foods from our nation that are both hot and spicy.

We are assuming this day was dreamed up by someone in the USA. But that doesn’t mean other countries can’t celebrate it too! Find and eat hot and spicy dishes from you home country today.

Tips for cooling down your burning tongue:

  • don’t drink water, it may make send the hot sensation down your throat
  • drink milk
  • eat yogurt or raita
  • eat bread, rice, or crackers
  • suck on a sugar cube, it absorbs the spicy oil

US dishes that are hot and spicy:

  • Blackened redfish
  • Buffalo wings
  • Gumbo
  • Chili
  • Jalapeño poppers
  • Firecracker shrimp

What are some other US hot and spicy dishes? What will you eat today?

photo courtesy of stef yau, Wikipedia

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