Dec 282014
28: Eat Vegetarian Day

December 28 is Eat Vegetarian Day. It’s an odd title, but we interpret it as “eat like a vegetarian” day. A vegetarian diet is one that abstains from the consumption of meat (red meat, poultry, seafood and the flesh of any other animal), and may also include animal by-products. There are many types of vegetarians– Ovo-vegetarianism includes […]

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Nov 292014
29: National Lemon Cream Pie Day

November 29 is National Lemon Cream Pie Day. A lemon cream pie is a precooked pie shell filled with lemon custard or pudding. Whipped cream may be mixed into the custard or the pie may be topped with a whipped cream or meringue. Lemon pies populated cookbooks around the mid-1800s under names such as iced lemon […]

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Sep 212014
21: National Pecan Cookie Day

September 21st in National Pecan Cookie Day. The pecan is a species of hickory native to Mexico and south-central and southeastern United States. However, today the tree is most widely cultivated in New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and Texas. The pecan tree has been Texas’ official state tree since 1919. It’s possible that this day originated […]

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Apr 082014
08: National Empanada Day

April 8th is National Empanada Day. Empanadas are stuffed bread or pastries that are baked or fried. The filling may be savory or sweet. They originated in the regions of Galicia, Portugal and León, first appearing in medieval Iberia during the time of the Moorish invasions. Empanadas are believed to be derived from the Indian meat-filled pies, samosas. […]

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Mar 282014
28: National Black Forest Cake Day

March 28th is National Black Forest Cake Day. Black Forest Cake, called a Black Forest Gâteau in Britain, is a German dessert known as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte which means “Black Forest Cherry Torte”. This cake consists of layers of chocolate cake filled with whipped cream and cherries and topped with more whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate shavings. In […]

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Mar 132014
13: National Coconut Torte Day

March 13th is National Coconut Torte Day. A coconut torte has layers of rich, dense cake with a creamy filling, all flavored with coconut and topped with shredded coconut. Torte vs. Tart vs. Cake A torte is not a tart. A tart is similar to a pie with a crust. A torte is not a […]

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Mar 032014
Bun Day

Bun Day, or Bolludagur, is celebrated two days before Lent in Iceland. Children wake their parents yelling, “Bolla, Bolla, Bolla”, and try to paddle them with homemade bun bats called bolluvendir. For each hit they get a bun. Their goal is to get lots of buns! Adults just enjoy eating these special cream-and-fruit-filled, chocolate-covered buns that are only sold or […]

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Mar 012014
01: National Fruit Compote Day

March 1st is National Fruit Compote Day. Compote, French for “mixture”, has been around since the 17th-century. Created in France, this simple dessert is whole or chopped pieces of fruit cooked in a sugar syrup. The syrup is often flavored with vanilla, citrus peel, or spices. Candied fruit and raisins might also be added. Compote may […]

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Feb 272014
27: National Kahlua Day

February 27th is National Kahlúa Day. Kahlúa is a made with sugarcane spirit (rum), 100% Arabica coffee, vanilla, and caramel from Mexico. In 1930, the Alvarez brothers harvested Arabica coffee beans from the fields of Veracruz. They got Señor Blanco, a local entrepreneur, to include their beans in a spirits recipe he was advertising. Then in 1936, Chemist Montalvo […]

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Jan 212014
21: New England Clam Chowder Day

January 21st is New England Clam Chowder Day. Chowder is a seafood or vegetable stew often served with crackers. Clam chowder has the addition of clams. There are many varieties: Manhattan (tomato-based), Hatteras (clear broth), Minorcan (spicy tomato broth), to name a few. Then there is the most well-known of the chowders, New England style. It has a milk-cream […]

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