Mar 112012

by Anne Adams (from Australia but now lives in Indonesia)

skill level: medium
cost: under $5
craft time: 20 minutes

construction paper
origami squares, small size will do
glue sticks
pre-typed greeting for each child’s card

Cut construction paper the size you would like for the cards. Green or yellow is a good color choice for Idul Fitri.
Choose two contrasting colored origami squares.
Cut the squares into strips, about 1.5cm wide.
Take 3 strips of each color and weave them together.
Trim the edges and save two little strips, about 2.5cm long, one of each color, for the tails.
Glue the weaving onto the front of the card, diamond wise, with the tails attached at the bottom.
It will look kind of like a kite.
Glue the greeting inside the card and sign.

This weaving on the front represents the ‘ketupat’.
Ketupat is a food which we eat in Indonesia for Idul Fitri. It is sticky rice, which has been boiled inside a little packet that is made by weaving coconut leaves. Ketupat tastes good! We often eat it with ‘Opor Ayam’ which is a light chicken curry. When you want to eat your ketupat, you have to cut it open. Of course, you don’t eat the coconut leaves; but they give the rice a special flavor.

The greeting that we put in our Idul Fitri cards here in Indonesia is:

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri
Ma’af lahir dan batin.

This means: Happy Idul Fitri
I am sorry from the bottom of my heart for my wrong doings in the past year.

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