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Enjoy Oktoberfest without Beer!

“What?” you say.

“Yes!” I say.

“Why?” you say.

“Why not,” I say.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I don’t like beer. I have had a few ales that are okay but, in general, I just don’t care for beer. But that’s not going to stop me from celebrating and it shouldn’t stop you.

Let talk Color Themes and Decorations

There are two color themes to choose from: the color of the German flag and the Bavarian flag, the German state the Oktoberfest is held in.

German Flag – black, red, gold
Bavarian Flag – white and light, bright blue

Table Decorations: layer two tablecloths, draping, for example, a red tablecloth over a black one. Accent with gold napkins and silverware. OR choose one large table cloth and add large colored confetti.

Add streamers and balloons.

Be sure to check out our Holiday Shop for supplies. A must is twinkle lights! The more the merrier.

Make our Stein-vase CenterpiecesBeer Candles, and Edelweiss Hats!

Serve food buffet style and serve lots of it. Include big soft baked pretzels, German sausage, sauerkraut, and pumpernickel.

What else?
Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
German Potato Salad
Bierocks (German Meat Turnovers)
Onion Tarts
Barbecue Chicken
Fish-on-a-Stick (Steckerlfisch)

There are so many possibilities.

Watching is almost like eating!

Don’t Forget the Music! German music is a must.


Create Memory Keepsakes
Pick up some lederhosen and an alpine hat. Have each guest pose for a picture in it. Be sure to have a cool background for your pictures. Send a picture along with a thank you card for coming.

Don’t take this task on yourself. Assign this to a friend. This is a really great way to involve a guest that tends to be shy.

Are you ready to celebrate?

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